MAJORS GROUP is a conglomerate of corporations operating in diversified areas such as Hospitality and Housing, Vacation Ownership and Timeshare, Lifestyles and Wellness, Media and IT, Vocational and Technical Education, and Risk and Security.

Building enterprise, developing leadership, adding quality to peoples’ lifestyles and promoting honest dealing and clean thinking are the purposeful goals of MAJORS GROUP.

The spirit of MAJORS GROUP is represented in its logo "The Soaring Eagles" which stand for freedom, power and transcendence. The vision of MAJORSGROUP comes from the ethos of the Army "Humans Perish - Organizations Live".

Two decades back MAJORS GROUP was the dream of a young and idealistic Army officer Madhukar Katragadda who chose to leave a potentially bright future in the Army to test the mettle of the rigorous training that he went through and take up the challenge of establishing a corporate empire committed to service. Today MAJORS GROUP is a conglomerate of corporate entities led by individuals who have majored in the art of business and lifestyles management, and committed to accomplishing the goals of the GROUP.